Michigan Festivals Association Recognizes Red Flannel Impact

Michigan Festivals Association Recognizes Red Flannel Impact

On behalf of Michigan Festivals & Events Association (MFEA), it gives me great pleasure and honor to have the Red Flannel Festival as an MFEA member since the beginning of the Association in 1994. As a member of MFEA, the Red Flannel Festival is getting vast exposure through the following MFEA publications/website:

  • www.michiganfun.com – averages over 1 million hits monthly.
  • Annual Calendar of Events Brochure – 300,000 are published and distributed throughout Michigan and the U.S.A. Major distribution points are Michigan McDonalds, Michigan AAA Branch Offices, Michigan Welcome Centers, Chicago’s AMTRAK Central Station and thousands of individuals sending in self-addressed stamped envelopes for the very popular vacation/weekend planning brochure.
  • Annual Detroit Media Partnership Calendar of Events tabloid – 100,000 are printed and distributed in the Detroit Metro area on the last Sunday of April
  • Annual Grand Rapids Press Calendar of Events tabloid – 114,000 are printed and distributed in the Grand Rapids area on the last Thursday of April
  • New for 2011, Great Lakes Bay Magazine ran the MFEA festival/event listing in their Spring issue. 20,000 were printed and distributed in the Saginaw-Bay-Midland region.

 Festivals and events have the following economic benefits for their communities:

  • Have a significant impact with minimum local expenditure
  • Stimulate the economy and bring capital investment to a community
  • 21% of U.S. adults attended a festival or event while away from home in 2010
  • Festival travelers are younger, have children, extend their stays, and have higher annual income…everything is new and exciting to them!
  • Provide a major tourism activity
  • Attract new customers to local businesses
  • Promote business year round
  • Employ thousands of artists
  • Promote and celebrate Michigan grown commodities
  • Festivals and Events provide an opportunity for members of the community to discover, develop, and display their skills and talents by encouraging self-expression.
  • Festivals and Events provide a showcase for new ideas in music, art, drama, crafts and sports.
  • Festivals and Events increase community spirit and pride, while at the same time, broaden the cultural and recreational resources of the locality and emphasize its unity with the rest of the State and Country.
  • Festivals and Events provide an opportunity to celebrate our history,     culture, harvests, heritage and vast array of unique waterways.
  • Festivals and Events stimulate travel to a community and the surrounding region, thereby helping to correct regional disparities.
  • Festivals and Events encourage the community to grow and prosper by attracting dollars to it in the form of tourism and, in some cases, new industry.
  • Festivals and Events can bring a community together through both the planning of, and the attendance at the event, and will help to give the town a more “people” oriented identity.

 Michigan’s community festivals, fairs, special events, and destinations are a major element of the Michigan lifestyle and the entire tourism economy throughout our great state.  At MFEA, our charter is to provide membership, training, and resources to make these community functions fun, profitable, and a valuable development tool for our smaller communities. 

These events are invariably sponsored by local government entities and major community contributors, who continue to support them because of their inherent value to the state and economy.

The Red Flannel Festival has been in existence since 1939, they have given back to their community and state thousand times over and will continue to do so.

“Thanks to volunteers like you, worthy causes are supported, important events take place,

 our communities are  strengthened, and our lives are enriched.

We thank you for caring…and doing!”

Should you have any questions regarding community events, please contact me via phone, 989-845-3053 or email, sueb@mfea.org




Sue Bila, CFEE

Executive Director

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