2012 Queen’s Pageant

See the new Queen and Court!

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2012 5K Results

The Results for this years 5K run are in, go here to check them out!

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2012 Grand Lodge Entertainment

This year the Grand Lodge welcomes Kronik Payne & Mossy Moran!  Go here for details…

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Mike Schuler Town Hall Update

Letter from Mike Schuler regarding 8/24 Town Hall

I was introduced to Steve McBride earlier this week. After hearing reports about a dispute between the Red Flannel Festival Board and Cedar Springs City Council he stuck his head in the middle of small town storm. For over 70 years the two parties worked together to host a Festival celebrating “red flannel” underwear. One thing led to another and now the two were arguing about the trademark, permits, and fees. Steve asked that I help facilitate a Town Hall meeting to help settle the dispute and allow citizens to air feelings.

In spending time with each party Steve and I realized the heated nature of this dispute is rooted in enmeshed relationships which are playing out in of all places, Facebook. Here, citizens and users of social networking are taking snippets of conversations and sound bites from media, coupled with historical accusations to leverage their own perspective. Both parties cited the cheap shots and inaccuracies of the public debate which is fodder for more of the same. The issues are personally debilitating because of the long history people have with one another. Members of the Festival Board and City have gone to high school together, kids have grown up together, and they’ve had good relationships with one another because “… we all know each other”. Now, for a myriad of reasons (namely a trademark issue) the two sides are at odds and the community is torn, and people are wondering about the future of the Festival and the identity of Cedar Springs.

From the Festival Board’s standpoint, “We feel the trademark issue has been resolved and look forward to fostering a flexible, reasonable and accommodating environment which will fertilize the roots of this tradition by working with the businesses and community.” The City has something similar to say: “Aside from logos being removed from City property the community won’t see much different… we’ll remain supportive of the Festival Board and consider the Red Flannel Festival a part of our hometown pride.” explained Mayor Pro tem Christine Fahl. She continued, “Just in the last two days we have worked with the Festival Board to insure that the City (through the Cedar Springs Public Library) will continue to sell Queen Pageant Tickets and promote the “Read to Ride” program for the children of the community. In fact, the two sides are working together to host a fantastic Festival this year. “The Festival volunteers need to focus on this year’s Festival, there are only 44 days remaining”, a board member commented. The City agrees.

In fact, the Red Flannel Festival was never in question – this October you can bring your family to Cedar Springs and expect a parade, a queen, great food, and bed races! You will see “red flannels” all over the city streets and the citizens can celebrate the logging tradition and underwear as it has for over 70 years.

Yes, issues remain and will always need to be discussed. No one has an unlimited budget and both have to work together to ensure the Red Flannel Festival continues for another 70 years. Steve has put into focus the necessity of working issues out before they go to this public space on Facebook. We are not citizens of the Middle East trying to force a regime change toward democracy. We have a democracy and if citizens have an issue with how the elected officials have handled public money then there are vehicles to have questions addressed. Namely, talk to Charlie Watson (616-437-9839) or Christine Fahl (616-262-8693) or stop by City Hall anytime. Similarly, if citizens don’t like how the volunteer Festival Board has handled the trademark issue, stop by the office at 21 Maple in Cedar Springs or give them a call (616-696-2662) – they’re always looking for volunteers, too! My experience is that both groups have hard working people dedicated to the Red Flannel Festival. Yet, actually talking and listening to someone is a more cumbersome vehicle to express citizen concern. People would actually have to pick up the phone or go to a meeting and listen to the facts in their entirety. It takes about seven seconds to lob a bomb online – but what has that done for the people of Cedar Springs?

In fact, both the City and the Festival Board are working (likely at this very moment) to host a great Red Flannel Festival come October 6th. They could use a hand. So take some of that “energy” from the sideline and dig in to make it better – just like Steve did, saying, “After reflecting on the meetings with the City and Festival Board I’m now more hopeful that we can begin to heal and work toward a great Red Flannel Festival.”

While both the City Council and Festival Board were willing to participate in a Town Hall meeting this Friday, the logistics of facilitating such a meeting was proving too complex to figure out in this short time. Steve has done what a Town Hall was intended to do; get the two sides back on track and working together to have a great Festival. There won’t be a Town Hall meeting this Friday. Instead let’s all go to the Football game and get ready for the 73rd Red Flannel Festival this October 6, 2012.

Mike Schuler, Ph.D.


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2012 Red Flannel Festival NOT cancelled!

This year the Red Flannel Festival will go on as planned!

Saturday, October 6, 2012 – Look forward to seeing EVERYONE there!

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Festival/City Timeline of Events

You can see the Festival News for a timeline of all of the events between the Red Flannel Festival and the City of Cedar Springs.

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2012 On-Line Event and Vendor Forms Now Available!

Available new for 2012!

Go to the Registrations tab to complete on-line registration for all of the 2012 events or submit applications for vendor booths!

You can submit payment securely on-line through Pay Pal or send in your payment by check, either way your registration or applications can be submitted on-line!

Please email president@redflannelfestival.org or treasurer@redflannelfestival.org with any questions.

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2012 Red Flannel Festival

“Deeply Rooted in Tradition”….73rd Red Flannel Festival Presents New Events for 2012!


The Red Flannel Festival Board of Directors has been working diligently to provide fresh new events for the 73rd “Deeply Rooted in Tradition” Festival celebration. “The board has added over 20 new events in the last few years and boasts over 3,200 fans on our Facebook page,” said President Michele Tracy-Andres. “This all volunteer board is extremely dedicated to ensuring the Red Flannel Festival the biggest and best ever! We’re already working on plans for NEW EVENTS for the 74th celebration in 2013!”

Again this year, the Festival has partnered with WLAV, 96.9 FM in Grand Rapids, for radio commercials; and the 730 television commercials will begin on various Charter cable channels in September, as well as billboard advertising. Over 10,000 of the beautiful, 36-page full color “Official Red Flannel Press” will be distributed in August, thanks to Festival Patron Sponsors. A donor program designed exclusively for individuals, “Friends of the Festival”, will return.

The American Lumberjack Show is back this year with an entertaining display of old-fashioned lumberjack skills, replacing the Fireworks Show. A NEW Euchre tournament will be held at the Grand Lodge, along with last year’s Cornhole tournament.

NEW this year is the Michigan Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Wall. The addition of the Memorial Wall enhances the tradition the Festival has in honoring Veterans. Annually, the Flap Jack Breakfast profits are donated from the Brown Family to the City for the Veteran’s Memorial Park via the Festival Community Share Program.

The Red Flannel Flash Mob is another NEW event this year. Organized by Social Media (Twitter, You Tube, Facebook) and mobile phone texting, a Flash Mob is a group of people who assemble in a public place for a brief time to perform a song, then disperse.

The NEW Firefighter Parade that debuted last year was a phenomenal hit and will be back again this year as an annual tradition.

“Of course, all of the traditional events are still in place,” said Andres. “The Queen Scholarship Pageant, Car & Tractor Shows, Museum Open House, Chili Cook Off, Bed Races and Grand Parade are wonderful “deeply rooted” traditions!” For a full schedule of events, or to download event applications, visit www.redflannelfestival.org.

The Festival was granted 501c3 non-profit status and all donations are tax deductible. The Festival is an independent, all volunteer organization with volunteer openings for individuals, families and groups to be involved. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. For more information on how to donate, volunteer or get involved with the Red Flannel Festival, call 616-696-2662 or visit www.redflannelfestival.org.

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Red Flannel Recipe!

Check out this recipe that the Festival President recommends!

Red Flannel Stew

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Red Flannel Festival 2012 Coming Soon!

Look for all of the new and exciting 2012 Red Flannel information here soon!

See Festival News for some great 2012 information!

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