A Pirate Story!

Terrific story from Mrs. Garnsey’s 3rd grade class, first place winners of the Beach elementary window decorating contest!

The Cedar Springs Pirate Adventure

“BATTON DOWN THE HATCHES!” yelled the boys and girls in Mrs. Garnsey’s third grade class at Beach Elementary.  It was the first day of the Red Flannel Festival in the small happy town of Cedar Springs, Michigan and something unbelievable was happening.  The smart, kind, brave third graders were about to have the most amazing adventure ever!

It was an exciting day for the town.  The parade was coming today.  But nobody knew that the pirates where coming down Duke Creek in their little row boats.  The pirates hit a rock and started to run down Main Street.  Every car they saw they would hide behind a bush or tall grass.  As people unloaded their cars the pirates got closer and closer to the town.  “Shhh”, said one of the pirates to one of their squeakiest parrots.

The pirates are coming for Cedar Springs during the Red Flannel!  The pirates are coming for Owen and Caleb but first they destroy Greenville (done-done-done)!  When Caleb saw the pirates he said, “Run and scream like a little girl”.

Other pirates floated down Cedar Creek right into town.  They began to get out of their little boats.  We saw them, the whole thing.  They came closer and we hid in the bushes until the most awful thing happened!

These pirates headed for Cedar Springs also!!!  Our school was in for a huge adventure as soon as the pirates were out of sight we went back to class.  Red Flannel was ruined for sure…or was it?

The pirates came to party at the parade.  They went to the pizza place in town.   They ordered cheese and sausage pizza.  Then they were throwing pizza everywhere.  Keegan shouted, “Food Fight!”

Then Ryan said, “Cool, Pirates!”  and after that everybody yelled “Pirates!!!”  All the kids were scared.  But the pirates were excited to get candy from the parade.  Pirates like candy!

Meanwhile, two pirates named Kendal and Andrea, where sitting down river on another ship and they saw the main street of Cedar Springs so they stopped and jumped out of their ship and walked up the street.  They saw a parade.  Andrea said to Kendal, “do you want to go join the parade?”  But Kendal said, “After we get some tea”.  So they got the tea and ran and joined the parade but they accidentally spilled a little bit of tea on a police man and they said “sorry” to the policeman and got back in the parade and said, “Yippie!”

Another group of pirates fell out of their boat.  SPLASH!  They had also landed in the state of Michigan in the town of Cedar Springs.  The people saw these pirates and said, “Whoa!”

The pirates asked the people if they wanted to walk the plank but the people said that they had rides that were more fun.  So the pirates went on carnival rides and scared the parents and the kids.  They yelled, “Arrr, hi pirates!”  The pirates just kept riding and never wanted to get off the rides!  They even got candy from the parade.

Mrs. Garnsey’s third grade students and the pirates finally meet and had fun planning together at the parade gathering candy, spinning around on carnival rides, eating pizza, and having tons of Red Flannel Day fun in Cedar Springs.  It turns out that Pirates and Cedar Springs third graders like a lot of the same things.  Red Flannel Day in Cedar Springs is really FUN!  “Arrrrrrrrrrrr”.

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